When my Mom, Helen Sullivan McIntyre, died, I found a recipe box with many newspaper and magazine recipe clippings, but only a couple of handwritten recipes.  The handwritten recipes reminded me of meals from the past.  I'm not aware of many heirloom-type family recipes that have been past down, but I'm sure there must be a few. I always thought it would be fun to put together a family recipe book from the extended family but there was never much interest. So, as I come across recipes which have been shared, especially at family holiday gatherings, they will be entered here.

Perhaps over the next several years we can create an on-line recipe "book"!

Where I had an actual recipe card or write up, they have been scanned and included. Below you will find the following recipes. They are listed in alphabetical order, so just scroll down until you find the recipe you are looking for.  Enjoy.